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Need A Highly Experienced, Immensely Talented Journeyman For Your Hardwood Project?

Our Contractors Are Diehard-For-Details, Mindful-Of-Every-Minutiae, Possessed-With-Perfection Craftsmen With Decades Of Experience.

Hardwood Floor Installation Toronto

A great flooring or stair project is no accident. It’s the result of a contractor who’s experienced, skilled, deliberate, and passionate about his work.

If you’ve read about Our Process, you know we partner with around 10 of the best hardwood contractors in southern Ontario and match you to the right one. What you don’t know is how hard it is to find these truly talented artisans—there are almost 600 contractors in the Toronto area alone!

What makes finding the “best of the best” extra difficult are our uncompromising standards. Simply put, 95% of contractors just don’t meet our benchmark for quality. We look for the contractors who are obsessed with details. The contractors who place a premium on quality work. The contractors who value ecstatic customers more than anything else. That’s why once we do find them, we hang on to them for dear life.

All of our contracting partners have anywhere from 5 to 30+ years of experience in their respective specialties. This ensures that you not only get a contractor who specializes in the project you need, but that you get the most qualified contractor as well. You get total peace of mind knowing your project is in the hands of an experienced, consummate professional.

Trust us—we do NOT take who we partner with lightly. We make all contractors prove their talent and worth before we draft them to the NewRidge team. Every contractor who wants to partner with us must have glowing reviews, industry references, proper insurance, and proof of stellar work. And if we bring on a contractor and start seeing too many complaints about his work, we dump him. It’s that simple. We refuse to put our reputation (and, more importantly, your money) on the line.

So if you want TOTAL peace of mind your hardwood project is in the capable hands of an experienced, consummate, passionate professional, choose NewRidge Refinishing Group. Get started today by viewing our Price Guide and filling out our Needs Evaluation Form for flooring projects or stair projects. We look forward to hearing from you!