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Hardwood Floor & Stair Installation Services Toronto

Hiring a hardwood flooring contractor is a gamble. Even after you spend hours searching online and receiving multiple quotes, you can’t be sure you’ll get someone who will do the job to your satisfaction.

That’s why you turn to NewRidge Refinishing Group. We’ve eliminated ALL of the risk that comes with hiring a hardwood contractor.

We’ve vetted and partnered with an elite team of the best hardwood contractors in southern Ontario. Based on your individual needs, we pair you with a contractor who specializes in your specific hardwood-installation project.

Our matchmaking methods ensure you fantastic results for your project, while our (literally) one-of-a-kind Service eliminates the typical contractor/client communication hassles. You can find out more on the Our Process page of this website. And if you’d like more information on the types of wood we can install, view our Technical FAQ.

Here are more details about our floor and stair installation:

Floor Installation

We install new floors that look absolutely stunning. But it’s the prep work we do that makes your beautiful new floors stay that way.

Even though prep work is one of the most critical aspects of floor installation, it is also (unfortunately) the step contractors most often overlook. A poorly prepared floor will lead to squeaking, uneven surfaces, and excess expansion and contraction (which cause gaps between the floorboards).

We think that’s unacceptable. We perform all of the proper prep work to ensure your floors look and function superbly. Prior to installation, our master craftsmen level your floors, prepare the wall mouldings, secure the subfloor (to reduce squeaking), and more. This ensures the best looking AND longest lasting floors. Period.

Stair Installation

Stair installation is an intricate project that requires a skilled professional. Whether you want to completely replace your old staircase or overlay your existing steps with new material, we can provide world-class craftsmanship and a low-stress experience.

We strictly adhere to manufacturer specifications and building codes to ensure your staircase lasts for decades… and beyond.

Squeaky Floors?

Are you having trouble with squeaky, noisy floors or stairs? This could range from an annoyance to structural concerns. Ask us how to fix these problems before refinishing or installing your hardwood floors and stairs.

Repairing floor squeaks and excessive movement before refinishing helps the longevity of the new finish.

If you are looking to repair the squeaks in your floor or stairs with no refinishing, this can be done with virtually no visible damage to your existing floors. Ask us how.

Let’s Get Started

To get your free quote, read our Price Guide and then fill out our Needs Evaluation Form for flooring projects or stair projects. We would be honored to pair you with the perfect contractor and provide you with an estimate.