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If Your Wood Floor Has Only Small Scratches, You Do NOT Need A Complete Refinish.

Our Buffing & Recoating Process Removes Minor Scratches From Your Hardwood & Restores That “Like New” Sheen.

Wood Buffing & Recoating Services

Pets. Rocks. Shoes. Dirt. Harsh cleaners.

Your hardwood floors have many enemies. That’s what makes it so difficult to maintain them, retain their shine, and keep them scratch free.

The good news is if you’re wood floors are dull and have only minor scratches, you most likely do NOT have to spend money on a full refinish—a buffing & recoating* is the perfect solution.

Buffing & recoating is less intensive and costly than a refinish job because it involves only the upper-layer finish. It removes minor scrapes, scratches, and scuffs to restore that “newly installed” sheen to your hardwood floors. It’s also extremely convenient because it can be done in one day with practically zero dust or mess.

Our team of buffing & recoating specialists have decades of experience and will ensure your project is done on time, on budget, and to your 100% satisfaction.

Ask us about a better alternative to Buff and Coating using the BONA RECOAT SYSTEM

The Bona Recoat System prepares floors for optimal adhesion in 3 simple steps: remove, rinse, and fortify. The Bona Recoat System features Bona Remover that is formulated to break down contaminants known to cause floor finish adhesion problems (including acrylic polishes, waxes, oil soaps, spray from oily furniture cleaners, etc). Can be used on polyurethane site finished wood floor or a manufacture pre-finished wood floor. Bona Recoat System also aides in abrading the wood floor to maximize adhesion of Bona Traffic HD® or Bona Traffic HD™.

This System is designed for contaminated hardwood floor recoating.

The benefits of recoating your hardwood floors are numerous. Not only does a recoat restore beauty and shine to lackluster floors, it maintains floor durability, meaning you can refinish your floors less often. This system provides top quality recoating and a unique Bona guarantee: floors shine with worry-free beauty!

Bona Recoat System Disclaimer:

The Certified Craftsman will do everything possible to ensure success with this recoating procedure, including the use of the full Bona PREP recoating system. However, contamination by maintenance products previously used on the floor and surrounding furniture may cause adhesion problems or failure. If this happens the floors will need to be sanded and refinished.

Unsure whether you need a refinish or a buffing & coating job? Let one of our expert contractors help you make the right choice. He will assess your hardwood and determine the best, most cost-effective solution for you.

Take a few minutes to learn more about Our Process to see just how we deliver superior quality. Then fill out our Needs Evaluation Form for flooring projects or stair projects for a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

*If the wood is pre-finished (finished at the manufacturing plant), buffing and coating is not recommended. Clients with pre-finished wood who choose this service may experience problems after the process is completed.