What Makes the Bona Recoat System Different Than Other Wood Refinishing Processes?
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What Makes the Bona Recoat System Different Than Other Wood Refinishing Processes?

Posted January 30, 2017

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There are a lot of methods to make the wood floors in your home look fantastic. For the best results, you should contact professionals who can recommend ideal processes. The Bona Recoat System is an excellent type of wood refinishing in Toronto, and there are reasons you should consider it when reviewing all your options.

Comprised of Different Components

The Bona Recoat System is a comprehensive solution for making wood floors look amazing once again. The first step involves removing any stains on the surface. Next, the floor receives a thorough rinsing. This is done to remove any contaminants from the floor, but it also gets the surface ready for the third step. Finally, the Bona Recoat System involves scrubbing the floor effectively. This ensures your floor looks pristine at the end of it all, and it saves you the hassle of having to manually scrub your floor.

Numerous Benefits

There are several advantages to getting the Bona Recoat System. For starters, this type of wood refinishing in Toronto is great because it gets your home ready for reselling. A perfectly clean floor is going to increase your houses resale value by a bit, so whether you are planning to sell soon or a few years from now, it is a worthwhile project to undertake. Some of the other benefits you stand to gain include:

More affordable to refinish floor than replace it entirely

Able to remove severe scratches as opposed to only small ones

Increases the longevity of your flooring

Utilizes non-flammable and non-toxic substances

You can get the Bona Recoat System as often as you want. It is generally recommended you get it once a year to ensure your flooring always looks its best and will last for as long as possible. Look into getting a wood refinishing in Toronto, and schedule a consultation with professionals who can do the job perfectly for your home.

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