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What Makes a Quality Hardwood Floor Installation?

Posted November 07, 2015

Hardwood Floor Installation

Done right, hardwood floors add lasting beauty and value to a home. When considering hardwood floor installation in Toronto, ask potential vendors about their commitment to quality. To make the process less painful, find a flooring company that works directly with highly skilled flooring contractors.

The most important part of installing a wood floor is not the part the homeowner will see. It is the subfloor. Consequently, that also makes it the step that contractors can skimp on spending time and materials. The subfloor is the key to a lasting new hardwood floor. Shoddy subfloor workmanship does not show up right away, but when it does, it can be a big problem. Look for a flooring company that will speak with you in-depth about the condition of your subfloor and what steps will be required to get it ready for your new hardwood floor installation in Toronto. Your floor may require leveling and other preparation steps.

This is also the time in the process to bring up any squeaks or other floor movement problems. While a squeaky floor may make a good sneaky teenager warning device, it is annoying and can indicate potential problems. Squeaks can be eliminated as part of the subfloor preparation.

A professional flooring contractor knows that not all hardwood flooring is created equal and chooses to install only the highest quality material. By selecting a flooring company that works directly with the best contractors, you will get expert advice on the different options so you can confidently decide on the best choice of hardwood for your lifestyle and budget.

Adding a hardwood floor to your home can add functional and durable beauty. To get a quality hardwood floor installation in Toronto, select experienced professionals who will invest the time in careful subfloor preparation and use exceptional flooring materials. With some careful planning, you can get a showplace-worthy floor.

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