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What Homeowners Should Know About Floor Refinishing

Posted December 17, 2015

Hardwood Floor Installation

Homeowners always want to save money, but there are many jobs that are best left to a professional. With floor refinishing in Toronto, by the time you find all the equipment that you need to get the job done right, you may be paying more than you would for a contractor. Then, there is all the time you need to learn the techniques to obtain a professional look for your floor. Instead of all the stress, find a professional to get the job done right the first time.

Should You Stay or Leave During the Project?

When the floor is being refinished, it can be an extensive, messy job. Of course professionals will have equipment to minimize the dust, but it can contain every bit of dust. You will need to move all the furniture from the room during your floor refinishing in Toronto, and do not forget the odors from the stain and sealant will hang around for a few days while it is drying. Your floor can generally be used after about 24 hours of the final seal being applied, but it is good to give it more time to cure.

Different Types of Finishes Available for Your Project

As a homeowner, you certainly know how you plan to use your floors, but do you know what the best finish for the room is? There are both oil-based and water-based finishes for your floor refinishing in Toronto. Both are very durable, but give a different look. You may also want an alternative finish, like a tung oil. Your professional team can ensure you get the right floor for your lifestyle.

Preparing the floor for treatment is another consideration in hiring a professional. If you have squeaky floors or structural problems, these issues need to be handled before you refinish your floor. Get the most professional look that will last for years when you have the job done right.

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