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Tips for Minimizing Scratches From Your Hardwood Floors

Posted July 29, 2016

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While everyone who has hardwood floors would like to keep them 100 percent scratch-free, the sobering truth is that hardwood floors will inevitably get scratched no matter the lengths you go to. If you are expecting hardwood floor refinishing in Toronto in the near future, here are some things you can do to keep scratches at a minimum on your hardwood floors.

Put Down Mats and Rugs

Areas of your home that receive significant foot traffic should have rugs put down over them. Not only are rugs protective, they are also stylish. Just make sure you do not use those that have rubber backs, as they have a tendency to trap moisture, which can harm your floors. As for mats, they should be put down inside and outside of your home to trap dirt and other outside debris before it can mark up your floors.

Keep the Outside of Your Home Clean

Companies that specialize in hardwood floor refinishing in Toronto may also recommend you sweep your porch and other outside areas in addition to putting down mats. Dust, pebbles, dirt and other small particulates can be transferred inside your home by shoes, paws and strong winds. Keeping your garage, patio and entryways clean helps cut down on the amount of debris that can be tracked inside of your home where it can scratch up your floors.

Have a Cleaning Schedule

Maintaining the inside of your home also helps to prevent scratched hardwood floors. Sweep your floors at least three times a week, vacuum or mop it once a week, have it polished once a month, and get it buffed and recoated once a year. Going to such lengths to keep your floor clean might sound a little extreme, but it is preferable to cringing every time you see scratches running down the length of your floors.

Once your hardwood floor refinishing in Toronto is complete, do your part in protecting your investment and keeping it smooth and shiny for as long as possible.

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