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Revitalize Your Wood Floor

Posted October 30, 2015

Wood Floor

Wood flooring can add timeless, natural warmth to your home. However, after years of use it can begin to show signs of aging, from scuffs and scratches to residue build-up. Floor refinishing in Toronto can bring back its former glory.

When to Refurbish

Despite your best efforts, floors can become damaged. As floors wear, they begin to dull in both color and sheen. A professional service can buff the surface to get rid of old scratches. This will include sanding down to the base layer. Then, it can be recoated. When it is finished, both the color of the wood and the shine should be restored to its original look.

Care for Your Floor

Future damage to floors can be reduced by taking a bit of extra care. For example, in areas that receive a lot of traffic, such as the front door, use a rug. It gives people a place to wipe off their dirty shoes before tracking debris into the house. Also, it can help prevent water damage from wet shoes or dripping umbrellas. If you do have spots, floor refinishing in Toronto can help.

Pets can cause a lot of damage with their nails: Keep them trimmed to avoid scratches. Your shoes can do just as much damage. It is a good idea to simply check all footwear at the door so no one accidentally walks around with a rock or other sharp object imbedded in the tread.

In addition, regular maintenance is important. Daily sweeping or dust mopping keeps grit off, along with regular cleanings with a lightly dampened mop. When you clean, avoid soaps that contain:

Wax-based products



Agents like ammonia or vinegar

Buying new is not always the best answer. With floor refinishing in Toronto, you can save yourself thousands of dollars but still have the same beautiful result. Hire a company that offers a warranty on their service, so you will know your flooring is guaranteed to look good for years to come.

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