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Making Old Floors Shine Like New

Posted November 30, 2015

Floor Refinishing

You might have older wood floors that you feel need to be replaced. They might have scratches and wear on them that are unsightly. Before you spend time and resources on getting new floors, consider floor refinishing in North York. Refinishing your floors can be the perfect way to get the look of new flooring without the expense and hassle of replacing your floors. The finishing process involves first sanding down the existing finish on your floors, and then applying a durable finish that suits your taste.

There are many choices of stains and finishes that will be durable, long lasting and beautiful. You might want a darker look to your work. Look into some stains that match your taste. There are water-based finishes that are ultra-durable, clear, and resist yellowing over time. Oil-based finishes are also strong, and amber in color. It is always a good idea when you are floor refinishing in North York to find a part of your floor that is in a closet or usually covered by furniture to test the finishes and stains.

If you do not know where to start to get your floors refinished, call up a professional to complete your floor refinishing in North York. It can seem enticing to try to complete the process by yourself, but the process requires expensive equipment, a hazardous working environment and a lot of time for the inexperienced. A professional will be able to come to your home and inspect your current floors and give you a quote for the price of the whole process. After you accept the quote, professionals will pick a day that works for you and begin to remove your existing finish. Industry sized and strength sanders make it easy and quick for the professionals to strip your floor. Lastly, your floors will be finished evenly and completely by a new, beautiful finish. Your old floors will shine like new!

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