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Is My Staircase Worth Saving?

Posted December 05, 2015

Hardwood Floor Installation

If you've watched more than a couple of home remodeling shows, you've seen the moment when the designers and the homeowners rip the carpet off the stairs only to squeal with delight at the original hardwood discovered underneath. If you've just made a similar discovery, or if you have a wood staircase that is looking the worse for wear, you might be wondering if it's worth saving.

Can It Be Saved?

The wonderful thing about hardwood is that it can be sanded and refinished multiple times. Small holes can be patched; a damaged tread or two can be repaired with wood that matches. Even if you have water damage or stains that can't be sanded out, their impact might be able to be lessened in the refinishing process. There are a few times, however, that it's just not a good idea to try to save an existing wood staircase:

If structural problems have rendered the stairs unsafe, you may have to remove the existing flooring and likely won't be able to salvage enough of it to use it again.

If it's already been refinished improperly dozens of times, it may not be able to be saved. Before you cover it up, though, check with a refinishing specialist to see if it can be repaired.

Should It Be Saved?

If you don't like the look of the existing wood, or if you're worried about water resistance or durability, it may be tempting to cover it up with tile or carpet. Before you do that, find out about other options. You'll be amazed at the impact a different stain can have, and applying a finish on top of the stain can protect your wood from wear and tear.

Best of all, restoring a wood floor is almost always more economical than replacing it with anything but the cheapest flooring. And if you ever plan to sell your home, gorgeous hardwood floors add a lot of resale value. If you're wondering if your old wood staircase can be saved, talk to a stair refinishing specialist in Toronto. The options may surprise you.

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