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How to Prepare for Wood Floor Refinishing

Posted July 18, 2016

Refinishing Hard Wood Floors Toronto

You have decided to have flooring refinished in your home, but are wondering what you need to do to prepare for the process. Refinishing wood floors in Toronto is a major project, but a rewarding one if you take steps ahead of time to make the project easier. Consult with your contractor or company for a checklist of things you should do to make their job easier, but it also pays to be proactive and make a few preparations yourself.

Get Ready for Dust

Although most floor refinishers have some form of dust containment systems please understand there will still be dust that escapes. There will be a lot of dust produced from floor refinishing, so keep that in mind and protect your valuables. Cover your wardrobes and bookcases with durable plastic wrap to keep the dust off of places where it should not be.

Take Off Doors

An expert in refinishing wood flooring in Toronto will most likely remove the doors as part of the job, but get to know your hinges to see how easy this will be. Also, figure out a safe place to store your door while the floor refinishing takes place. Many floor contractors leave it up to the client to remove floor trimbut we can also do it for you at an additional cost. Make sure this is done and ensure you know how to reinstall it.

Prepare an Area for Materials and Supplies

Your contractor is likely to have a large supply of materials and numerous tools, so make sure he or she has a good place indoors or preferably outdoors to store these items during the refinishing process.

Refinishingwood flooring in Toronto is a huge step that will improve the beauty, the functionality and the value of your home. Make all the necessary preparations and enjoy the benefits of a newly refinished floor.

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