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Hardwood: 4 Things You Should Consider

Posted February 21, 2016

Hardwood Floor Installation Toronto

Whether you have just moved into your new home or you have owned your house, apartment or condo for years, it is never too late to make a valuable upgrade with new hardwood floor installation in Toronto. There are quite a few benefits to upgrading that you should consider before making a decision between replacing old carpet or making the flooring change.

Visual Appeal

While carpet still reigns supreme for a lot of new building contracts, this is definitely the age of wood flooring as many homeowners are choosing it more often. The visual appeal of hardwood in your home is a benefit because of the rich colors you can choose from (often two-toned is also an option) and the clean lines offered with each slat of wood.

Easier Cleaning

Maybe you enjoy the vroom-vroom of the vacuum cleaner, but carpet is much harder to keep clean really clean than hard wood. Carpet is porous, and unless you invest in steam cleaners, bacteria, mold and bugs usually have the opportunity to grow as your carpet ages. Dirt, sweat and skin flakes also often become boarders after quite a few years.

Better Value

Unless you have money to throw away every few years on fresh carpet, hardwood floors, which usually requires a larger financial investment, lasts much longer and is easier to repair. Over the length of its life, a hardwood floor installation in Toronto typically ends up being a better value.

Better Insulation

Insulation keeps your homes energy use down during the summer and winter months. Wood flooring generally helps insulates better than carpet on concrete, saving you some money on your energy bills throughout its life.

DIY or Professional Installation?

With a DIY culture on the rise, it may be tempting to lay flooring yourself. However, if you have decided to make the upgrade, consider hiring a company for professionalhardwood floor installation in Toronto and a guarantee on their craftsmanship.

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