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Does Your Floor Need Refinishing?

Posted December 25, 2015

Hardwood Floor Installation

The floor in your home may have seen better days. The question is does the floor need refinishing or a complete overhaul and replacement? It might be difficult for someone who knows and loves flooring but is not a professional to answer this question. Even for homeowners who are handy and enjoy do-it-yourself projects, flooring is a huge task, and it is a good idea to contact experts at floor refinishing in North York. Most quality companies offer a free consultation so the expert can tell you what your floor needs.

It is easy to think it is obvious what a floor needs because you walk on it day after day, but it requires objectivity and knowledge to locate the real problem. Perhaps you think your floor should be replaced, but it needs a simple refinishing, or perhaps it is the other way around. Experts at floor refinishing in North York have spent years working with materials, woods and in homes and are able to tell whether the job is simple or more complex and can calculate the time and costs required for such work.

Professionals at floor refinishing in North York will take the time to do the job correctly and will refuse to cut corners. For floor refinishing, the entire surface needs to be examined and clean to ensure the finishing job is a smooth one. Cracks and nicks should be noted and mildew should be removed. A full sanding and buffing is an essential part of the process and is a preparation for applying finishing material. Once the work has been completed, professionals should make sure the customer is satisfied with the work before charging money. Reputable professionals at floor refinishing in North York back up their work with a warranty and guarantee the restored beauty of your floor for many years.

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