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Choosing the Right Finish

Posted February 5, 2016

Refinishing hardwood floors Toronto

There are some important decisions to make when you are looking to refinish the floors in your Southern Ontario home. First, you need to find out who is the best at refinishing hardwood floors in Toronto and the surrounding area. After that, you need to know what kind of finish you prefer since you certainly do not want to have the job done twice. The contractor doing the work should be able to advise you, but knowing what you are looking for can really help to streamline the process.

First off, consider the color you want for your floors. If you are going with a surface finish and do not want to change the color of the wood, a water-based finish is probably the best choice for you. If you do not mind adding an amber color, oil-based is a good option. In addition to affecting the appearance, you should also consider how long the finish will take to dry and the odor that might linger for a spell after the final coat is applied. The companies best with refinishing hardwood floors in Toronto will definitely have the variety, and you can help your cause by knowing what these options actually mean to you.

Do not forget that there is a certain amount of maintenance that comes with a newly refinished floor. Assuming you did not hire someone to gussy up your hardwood just so you could immediately re-scratch it, understanding which finishes require more upkeep might help you decide which you want. There are a handful of rules to follow in order to keep your new floors looking pristine, so make sure to ask your contractor about how to best maintain whatever finish you decide on.

Finding someone who excels at refinishing hardwood floors in Toronto is an important first step in your quest for a beautifully restored floor. Once you have locked that down, it is time to do the research and figure out exactly how you want that refinished wood to look.

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