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Caring for Your Hardwood Floors

Posted February 1, 2016

Interior wood refinishing Toronto

Hardwood floors are often the selling point of a house. Remembering the way your floors looked when you first moved in might be the very reason you are now searching for someone who can do interior wood refinishing in Toronto. The shine of new hardwood flooring looks so appealing, and then is immediately dulled and scratched by the wear and tear of everyday life. Some deteriorating is unavoidable, but there are things that can be done to prolong the finish and keep your floor looking good.

Most tips for floor care are no-brainers; do not walk around in cleats or drag recliner chairs from one room to another. It should not take an expert on interior wood refinishing in Toronto to explain to you how scratching works. In addition to the more obvious care tactics, there are some tips that might not seem like common sense. For instance, did you know that most products claiming to add a quick shine to your floor contain silicone? Silicone creates adhesion problems with a wood floor, making it difficult or even impossible to get finish to stick to it later.One quick shine and your refinishing days are done.

There are products that will help you maintain the finish on your wood, you just need to be careful which ones you use. Some do not have the right pH balance and can dull your floor shine after too much use. Others leave a residue behind that can either hurt the wood or just be a bother, because no one wants a floor covered in sticky residue. After your floors are refinished, make sure to see what advice your contractor has regarding upkeep and cleaning products.

Once you find the right company to handle your interior wood refinishing in Toronto, your floors can get back to looking young again. It is up to you to stop playing hockey indoors and make sure they stay that way.

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