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Best Places to Install Wood Floors in Your Home

Posted February 25, 2016

Wood Floor Installation Toronto

Do you ever just lay in bed and dream about the rich colors, smooth touch and fresh look wood floors may bring to your home. Even if you have not gone that far in your wood flooring fandom, you have probably considered some areas in your home that may benefit from a wood floor installation in Toronto. Check out these top areas that other homeowners have decided to make the flooring upgrade.


For many two story homes, the stairs are a centerpiece that offers quite a few opportunities for home decor. Now, the steps themselves can be added to this opportunity. Wooden stairs, whether one or two toned, may be able to transform your home and give it a classic feel. They may be a little easier to clean, too.

Living Room

Living rooms typically collect dust, dirt, bugs, pet dander and various fibers because it gets a lot of traffic from everyone in the family plus any guests. Carpet likes to harbor these things, but withwood floor installation in Toronto, you can usually remove all of this with a swipe of a broom or mop.

Dining Room

Have you ever thought how odd it is that you have a carpeted dining room. Especially if you have kids, this can be an area that is difficult to keep from food and drink stains. Hardwood is much easier to clean when grape juice, spaghetti sauce or oatmeal hits the floor during meals.


Kitchens are typically built with laminate or tile flooring, which are both easy to keep clean like hardwood. However, you have the opportunity to match or complement your wooden cupboards.

DIY or Professional Installation?

Before you choose what room to upgrade to hardwood, be sure to commit to hiring a professional company that can stand by their craftsmanship and products in your wood floor installation in Toronto. Doing so can reduce the number of headaches you may get if you go the DIY route or hire a subpar company.

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