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Best Hardwood Flooring Options for 2016

Posted April 28, 2016

Hardwood Floor Installation Toronto

Hardwood floors are definitely in for 2016. An increasing number of homeowners are stripping their carpeting and opting for hardwood instead. These hardwood flooring options will have you drooling, and each makes for a great hardwood floor installation in Toronto.

1. Reclaimed Pine

If you like antiquing, you will love reclaimed pine. This hardwood comes from historical buildings, so you will feel like you have a piece of history right in your home. Reclaimed pine flooring is also eco-friendly and has a classic, timeless look. Reclaimed pine is not the only eco-friendly choice, however.

2. Distressed Wide Planks

Wide-plank flooring has fewer seams without sacrificing beauty. There are many types of wood you can choose from for wide planks, but a distressed wood will give your floor a more rustic look. This type of wood can be a great choice in a variety of homes for a hardwood floor installation in Toronto.

3. Red Oak

This extremely elegant flooring is a popular flooring choice, as it can work well with a variety of design styles. It has beautiful red tones that add sophistication to a room, and this wood is perfect for high-traffic areas, as it is resistant to wear.

4. Maple Plank

Maple flooring works well in a bathroom that does not have a shower, as you will not have to worry about moisture damaging the wood. The deep, warm color has a professional look that is perfect for a small office bathroom shared with patrons. It is a great choice to complement streamlined decor, as it makes a small space pop while adding to any fixtures around it.

5. Ebonized Hardwood

If your home has a modern, contemporary style, ebonized hardwood might be the perfect choice for you. This dark, opaque wood adds structure and a feeling of functionality that complements a minimalist design scheme. Different types of wood can be ebonized, such as oak, walnut and cherry.

Make 2016 your year to finally get the hardwood floor installation in Toronto you have always wanted. With so many choices, you are bound to find the perfect option.

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