4 Signs You Need to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors
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4 Signs You Need to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

Posted February 13, 2017

Hardwood floor refinishing Toronto

Hardwood is some of the most beautiful, versatile flooring materials available in Canada. Over time, however, even the best hardwood floors begin to show signs of age and wear. If your flooring is beginning to look tired, you might need hardwood floor refinishing in Toronto. Here are three signs you need to finish your hardwood floors immediately.

1. Missing Boards

If you have missing hardwood floor boards, your floor is in serious need of some attention. While refinishing your hardwood floors will not replace missing boards, you can probably find a company that can do both. That is because many refinishing services have considerable experience with hardwood replacement and repair.

2. Deep Gashes

Many homeowners fear that it is not possible to refinish hardwood floors that have deep gashes and grooves. Certainly, in some cases deep damage is irreparable. Typically, though, hardwood floor refinishing in Toronto can repair even deep hardwood floor blemishes. Because your floor can hold up to repeated sanding, you should consult a professional refinisher before you consider your flooring to be a goner.

3. Many Scratches

With normal use, your floors will scratch over time. If your hardwood floors have significant scratching, it is probably time for refinishing. Fortunately, a good refinisher can sand and polish your floors, giving them the look and shine of a brand-new surface.

4. Warping

Like roads, with usage, your hardwood floors can groove and warp over time. If you start to notice traffic marks on your hardwood floors, it is probably time for a complete sand down. For excessive warping, though, replacing the affected area might be your best option. Only a qualified refinishing expert can tell you whether you can save your floor.

Hardwood floors are great because they are beautiful and durable. Even better, when they start to show signs of wear, hardwood floor refinishing in Toronto can whip them back into shape. If you notice the signs of damage or aging, it is time to contact a professional refinishing service.

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