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3 Things to Do Before Installing New Stairs

Posted September 30, 2016

Interior Wood Refinishing Toronto

You may be building a home from scratch and want to add a sweeping staircase or want to add a few steps onto the stairs you already have. There are a number of things before contacting professionals who provide wood flooring in Toronto to give a lift to your interior spaces and improve your stairs. Make sure you and your home are up for the job and that you have everything in order before the job begins.

Check the space

When you want to build a staircase or add steps, the most important thing to figure out is if you have enough room. Even if you find that you do not have the kind of space you thought you had prior to measuring, you could compromise on the type of stairs you want. Perhaps you can find stairs that are narrower but higher. The kind of area you are working with may determine what kind of stair you select when you speak with experts in wood flooring in Toronto.

Select the Style

Your contractor should give you a full array of options for your stair decor. Look for professionals that have extensive experience with woodworking and can match the kind of wood and stain exactly with the type of decor that you need. Make sure the type of stair blends in with pre-existing steps. This can be tricky, but woodworking professionals are likely to find an exact match.

Furnish Accordingly

When you imagine the space in your home with a few new stairs, you may have to adjust your furnishings accordingly to conform to the steps. This may require a few adjustments, such as moving cabinets, bookcases and repositioning art on the walls. The more vividly you imagine the new space with stairs, the more thoroughly you will be able to prepare for your new stairs with the help of a company that focuses on wood flooring in Ontario.

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