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Finding A Quality Hardwood Contractor In Southern Ontario Can Be Exhausting.

We’ve Simplified The Process & Made It 100% Effortless.

NewRidge Floor Refinishing Company


When I started NewRidge Refinishing Group in 2007, I was taking a huge gamble.

I envisioned a company that pairs homeowners to their ideal hardwood contractors. A company that completely eliminated the risk of getting burned by bad work.

But I had a constant doubt in the back of my mind: “Will people like going through a ‘middle man’ to find a contractor?”

It wasn’t long after I started the company that I found the answer to be a resounding “YES!”

Hiring A Contractor Is A Huge Risk

The fact is that hiring a contractor is a gamble… and most homeowners lose BIG. You can spend hours and hours researching online and getting multiple quotes—and STILL not find a hardwood contractor qualified to handle your project.

And even when you do eventually settle on someone, you can’t be sure he’s as good as he says he is. Contractors who don’t “walk the talk” are a dime a dozen.

That’s why our services are a breath of fresh air. We partner with some of the best independent hardwood contractors in southern Ontario. When you contact us with your project details, we process the information and match you to the perfect member of our team. This eliminates ALL of the risk of hiring a bad contractor and ensures you a stellar project.

Everything According To Plan… Your Plan

But we aren’t just customer/contractor matchmakers; we provide you with a pleasant, low-stress experience. That truth is that contractors can be notoriously poor communicators. That’s why we handle the customer-service side of your project. We specialize in rapid response and crystal-clear communication to ensure zero dropped balls, no surprises, and that everything goes exactly as planned.

The Bottom Line

When I started NewRidge Refinishing Group, I risked it all on a unique business philosophy to eliminate the homeowner’s risk of hiring a bad contractor. And I’m happy to say my company’s methods have worked brilliantly.

We have received stellar reviews from hundreds of southern-Ontario homeowners. (Visit our Reputation page to see some of our gushing customers.) Simply put, people LOVE our services.

If you want the best hardwood contractor for your project, fill out our Needs Evaluation Form for flooring projects or stair projects today. We will provide you with a no-obligation consultation and a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you.


Scott Newman