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Buffing or Refinishing: Deciding Which Your Wood Floor Needs

Posted March 12, 2017

Wooden floors are a timeless, classic addition for any home, any space and any décor style. However, even the toughest, most well-cared-for wooden flooring in Toronto is susceptible to minute scratches from grit and other debris over the years, which leaves it looking cloudy and generally less pristine than it did during its initial install. This is why flooring services offer buffing and refinishing. Because these two services are completely different, you'll need to decide which route you need to take in order to get your floors looking like new again before reaching out to the professionals. In order to make the correct call, it's important to know a bit about these two processes.


This is usually the best course of action if your floors are suffering from a series of minor scratches that are causing it to look cloudy. During the buffing process, special tools are used to strip away the top layer of your floor's finish, removing a majority of the scratches and other imperfections along with it. A new coat is then applied, which returns the old shine to your floors and makes them look like new again. If your damage isn't extensive, buffing and coating has several benefits over the refinishing process, including:


Refinishing is typically reserved for floors that have experienced intense damage, or for general recoloring purposes. This is the best way to restore old hardwood floors to their original condition without forking over the cash for a brand new installation. This project requires the removal of layers of existing finish, though this process delves much deeper than the lighter buffing treatment. Therefore, it tends to be more expensive and takes more time, though the results you see are bound to be more extreme.

Speaking to the professionals about your wood flooring in Toronto can help you decide whether you're in need of buffing or refinishing, and get your floor's shine back in no time.

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